Renewal of secondary packing lines for HDPE bottles with new conveyors, refurbished capper, new tray-packer and modified palletizer. 

project engineering of process installations for toner powder. Design of machine parts.

Freelance engineering: Project engineering of weld equipment and glue equipment in highly automated, robotic, production-lines for body in white.


Procter & Gamble
Design, engineering and execution of a small size low capacity PET Bottle blowing line. 

Emhart Tucker
Service engineer: service engineer for Emhart Tucker studweld equipment, put in operation and support new stud weld equipment at VW Brussel, Tower Automotive Slovakia, GM Opel Antwerpen, Volvo Gent. Repair of Emhart Tucker studweld equipment.  



Testbench for stud weld equipment of Emhart Tucker, end users at Audi, Opel, Volkswagen, Tower Automotive & Volvo


Design and supply a drive for multiple encoders and resolvers on conveyors in paint-shop Volvo Gent. 


Stud weld equipment for Tower Automotive.